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HashtagRelationshipGoalz – Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin

Director: Emma Jane Purcell

HashtagRelationshipGoalz begins with a young couple sat on chairs in the centre of the stage. The only props they use are the two chairs, a patterned blanket and a small table. He has his arm slung over her shoulders while playing on an ipad. She is obviously bored. So is he. They bicker and laugh and try to figure out how to spend the night. Cinema, restaurant, pub or back to their parents’ house? It is clear that they love being together although they argue near constantly. There are brief monologues when the actors are alone on stage, turn to the audience and we hear their inner thoughts and frustrations. Our young couple begin the show together, will they end it the same way?

Actors Costello (who also writes) and Sean Doyle have been cropping up in productions in the Dublin theatre scene for several years now. Both bringing their experience and wit to this new production. Interestingly Costello also has credits to her name as a writer and director and we are bound to be seeing much more of her talent in the coming years. Alongside Costello and Doyle the cast is rounded out by the assured Laura O’Leary as the interfering, teenage sister who barges into her older sister’s life with her frequent disasters and embarrassing questions.

HashtagRelationshipGoalz is presented by Squad Theatre Company as a part of Smock Alley Theatre’s Scene and Heard Festival, which gives new writers a chance to see their work on stage. Running at only 30 minutes long it is a playful, realistic and touching portrait of three young people trying to find their way in the world with each other. It is very pleasant to find a play of such quality at the Festival and it will hopefully be resurrected at some point in the near future.

Runs until 24 February 2017 | Image: Contributed

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